The Thought Diet

The Thought Diet

The Thought Diet – 28 days to the new you

The Thought Diet
28 Days to the New You
Have you ever wanted to lose weight the natural way?

Wish you could learn to harness the power of your mind to make healthy choices?

Welcome to The Thought Diet
Walk up the path, come through the front door, and enter the first room you come to, what do you see?

Your autobiography is all over the walls, and there’s a set of boxes in the middle of the floor. They come in red, amber and green, and are for storing your food so you know what you can’t have, what you can touch every now and again, and what will make you look and feel better than ever. Look around the room and you’ll see your own reflection in a couple of mirrors; one shows you overweight and the other how you want to look.

By immersing yourself in this world you’ll be able to rid yourself of the bad habits and emotional issues that have caused you to gain weight over the years. Everything is geared towards staying positive and making small choices day after day that add up to big results.

– Listen for just 14 minutes a day for 28 days
– Break the bad habits of a lifetime by training your brain
– The natural way to lose weight without going hungry
– A unique approach that’s proven to work

When you want to feel good on the inside and look amazing on the outside there’s never a better day to start changing things than today.

The Thought Diet
Discover the New You

“Hello Phil. Well day 28 was yesterday. My weight at the start was 14 stone 4 lbs. this morning I weigh 13 stone 6 lbs. to say I’m overjoyed is an understatement. I thought the thought diet was excellent. It’s only takes 14 minutes out your day to listen too. It’s very clear to follow and understand. For me it was about day five when it clicked what it was asking me to do. It has helped me to put other things locked away in boxes that would have normally worried me also. The best part was of course the weight coming off but also giving me more confidence in my self and that yes I can do this. As yet I wound not change the recording as it is working for me. I would most certainly recommend this product to others It makes you really think what rubbish you are eating and drinking on a daily basis. The product it quick and easy to follow and I intend to keep following the advice on the tape to achieve my 2 stone weight loss. Then keep using it to keep it off. It’s been my pleasure to trial the thought diet Phil and can’t thank you enough. Sue Pedley Jones.”

“Hi, so I have lost a total of 10lbs in 28 days woohoo.
At first I wasn’t sure but I found myself questioning do I need this food. Should I eat something better and this really worked.
The best part is losing weight without realising I”m doing it and changing my eating habits.
I will defo be letting my friends know about you and how amazing you are for helping me lose weight, so thank you so much.
And thank you for helping change my eating habits.
Debbie, Essex Canvey Island”

“Wooo I’ve lost 8lbs which is fantastic, I’m so pleased. I’m feeling much healthier and I’m finding as the days go on my will power seems to be getting stronger instead of weaker. Probably because when I’ve given into temptation I’ve put the food culprit into the red box next time I’ve listened to you. The best is that I don’t feel as if I’m on a diet…. in fact I’ve not mentioned the word diet…just healthy eating. I’ve not had chocolate in 4 weeks. I would recommend it to my friends. Thank you for this tool which I’m going to continue to use. J, East Yorkshire.”

“I’ve lost 5 pounds altogether now which is fantastic. I liked the Thought Diet. I did struggle to think of things to put on the pieces of paper on the wall as the diet progressed.
It’s helped me think healthier so I’ll grab some fruit rather than some crisps or biscuits.
The best part is the relaxing environment you create to help positive thought. I would recommend it.
I found it best to listen to before I went to sleep because i wanted it to sink in overnight plus it helped me get to sleep.
Thank you very much. Emma”

“Hi iv lost 7pounds in the 28 days each day gets easier to eat the correct foods. You pick the right foods without thinking, where as before I would pick all the wrong food so The Thought Diet helps you think about things different and more often than not you go to the green box but can have the occasional treat. This thought diet has also helped me realise I’m a comfort eater, now if I have problems or stress in my life, instead of eating rubbish food I have listened to the thought diet and delt with what is making me over eat, so then I feel less like food. I love the fact you have the thought diet with you where ever you go, so can listen to it when ever you need to and as time goes on you think less about dieting cause you just seem to pick the healther food. I would not change anything about it and yes I would recommend this to anyone. Jackie, from Tamworth.”

If after 28 days of listening to the mp3 you feel that you have not benefitted, you can ask for your money back

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