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I’m delighted to say we get lots of thank you cards, letters and notes from people just like you who have booked sessions at Phil Collins Hypnotherapy. Some have even written to the local paper to express their gratitude at the service offered.

Lose Weight

“I went to see Mr Collins to lose weight as he had advertised to help people lose weight with hypnotherapy. Mr Collins talked about what hypnosis was and what it wasn’t and how I would feel whilst in a trance. This put me at ease as I was unsure what to expect. Mr Collins took a ‘life history’, where he asked about how my weight had been over my life time; I answered his questions matter of fact like until he asked me one particular question. at which I burst into loads of tears. He said that he thought that there was a deep rooted under lying problem which needed to be resolved before I could begin to lose weight. He suggested that we agree to a number of sessions where he would use a combination of counselling, EFT and hypnotherapy to get to the root of the problem. Within the first session, because I felt so at ease with him and felt that he understood my problem, I told him things that I have told no one else including my husband and family. We have worked on my problem and subsequent problems that I have allowed him to be aware of, and although I do not feel 100% better I have come a long way from where I was and I will continue to see Mr Collins and I feel that with his help and total commitment, I will achieve my goal.”
– Mag

Here are some Video and photo testimonials:

Lost 4 stones