Terms and Conditions

1 Once an order is placed it will be delivered to your inbox in the form of MP4, PDF.

2 Refunds can be requested up to 60 days of purchasing the product if you feel that it hasn’t met your expectations and you have executed the plan as stated in the program of 3 parts. (no refund for free download)

3 Phil Collins Hypnotherapy accepts no responsibility for a participant’s individual technology matters.

4 Participants accept that they will consult their GP where a participant requires support for clinical conditions.

5 Purchasers agree not to forward this programme on to any third party both during and after completion of the programme.

6 You do not have the right to reprint, resell, or forward any content within modules of this programme to third parties.

7 You will need access to computer equipment to listen/watch the audios/videos.

8 All rights reserved.


To play these videos on an iPad/Iphone you will have to have a ‘Media Player App’ installed. For example OPlayerHD Lite (free). If the video does not start playing automatically you will have to copy and paste the link into the app where it says ‘Play URL’