Weight Loss Tips that Work

1. Be mindful of what you eat

I think we can all get into a routine and do things without giving it a second thought. We go shopping and buy the same things at the supermarkets. We get into a routine where we eat things not because we are hungry but because we ‘just fancy it’ and do it without a conscious thought. So from now on I want you to be mindful of what you do. When you go shopping I want you to make a list of the things you want before you go and keep to the list. I want you to constantly ask yourself before you prepare your meals whether you are eating the right foods and at the correct potion size. By asking yourself each and every time you will be being mindful of what you are doing and making a conscious decision about what you eat and how much you eat. It may take you a few weeks to get into this or it may start straight away but by being mindful you will learn to eat less and eat healthy food which will allow to lose weight and keep it off.

2. Listen to your stomach, put your knife and fork down in between mouthfuls and chew your food more

Most people eat too quickly. Our stomach and brain ‘talk’ to each other which is how we know that we are hungry or full. Inside of out stomach we have a ‘switch’ which when triggered tells the brain to stop eating because we are full or to start eating because we are hungry. This switch can take anything up to 35 minutes to send a signal to the brain. Therefore if you eat quickly you could be overfilling your stomach. By chewing more (40 chews per mouthful) and putting your knife and fork down in between mouthfuls you will be giving your switch time to send the signal to your brain to stop eating. Practice listening to your stomach and allow the ‘switch’ to control your eating.

3. Rid yourself of excuses

Make a list, one per piece of paper, of all the EXCUSES that you give yourself for staying overweight. Make sure you put everything down on your list. You should aim for at least 10 pieces of paper with one excuse per piece of paper. Read the list out loud 3 times. Then if you are really serious about losing weight start to rip up each piece of paper and as you rip each excuse into shreds say out loud: “I will never allow any of these EXCUSES to be part of my life again as I’m going to lose weight and I am going to achieve my ideal weight and then stay at that weight for ever”. Once you have ripped up all of the excuses into small pieces either burn them or throw them into a bin. Notice how liberated you feel as you do this. Never allow these excuses to get in your way of losing weight and feeling great.

4. Stop eating wheat based bread

Wheat based bread (white and brown) have very low nutritional value and contain a lot of sugar which is not good for losing weight and because there is little nutrition in the bread you will feel hungry not long after eating it. I recommend ‘spelt’ bread to my clients, all of which say that they will never eat ‘ordinary’ bread again once they have tried the spelt bread. You can get Spelt bread at most supermarkets, so give it a go and see the weight come off.

5. Drink more water

An experiment was carried out where one group drank a large glass of water before each meal and another did not drink water before their meal. The group that drank the water lost more weight than the other group. So why is it important to drink more water? Firstly hunger and thirst feel the same, therefore if you drink a large glass of water before your meal and then don’t feel hungry then you were thirsty. Secondly if you fill your stomach with water then you won’t be able to get a lot of food in there as well. Drink more water and watch your weight come off.

6. Eat a good healthy breakfast

Many of my clients say that they don’t eat breakfast because they don’t feel hungry first thing in the morning. This intrigues me as they say that they are hungry throughout the day (otherwise they wouldn’t eat so much). Having slept for perhaps eight hours and perhaps not eaten for longer than that, I would have thought they would have been hungry. Breakfast literally means to break fast, so while you are sleeping your body is fasting. Your metabolic rate, the speed at which you burn up calories will only start when you feed your body first thing in the morning. It’s quickest first thing in the morning and slowest last thing at night. Therefore if we take someone who gets up at 7am, doesn’t have breakfast but has lunch at 12noon, they are wasting 5 hours of good fast metabolic rate before they start to burn up calories. You must have a good healthy breakfast if you are wanting to lose weight. A client of mine said that she didn’t feel hungry first thing in the morning so did not have breakfast. I had her eating breakfast whilst she was seeing me. Guess what, her weight went down. A few months after her sessions had finished she contacted me as her weight was going back on. I asked her if she was still eating breakfast, she said no and made the excuse that she didn’t have time to prepare it. I insisted that she started to eat breakfast again and report back to me in a months time. Yes you guessed it, she had lost weight again. I repeat, you must eat a good healthy breakfast if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

7. Treat every day like it’s a Monday!

I do not believe in diets (as you know they don’t work, if they did there would be very few overweight people in the world) but people who go on diets generally start it on a Monday. At the start of a diet people are motivated and enthusiastic (Monday) but after a few days that enthusiasm can dwindle especially as the weekend approaches. It’s Friday today and the start of the weekend, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself but to prevent over eating I want you to wake up each morning ‘believing’ that it’s Monday which will help keep you motivated to eat healthily.

8. Reduce the size of your plate

Most people eat their main meals off a 12 inch plate. Reduce the size of your plate to a 10 inch. Always eat your main meals from the 10 inch plate as you will psychologically get to see this as a normal size potion. Then when you see people eating from a 12 inch plate you will ask yourself “how can they possibly eat all of that”. But you most alway eat your meals off the smaller plate. Give this a go and notice what happens to your weight. Do share this tip with your family and friends and let me know, in the comments, how you get on.

9. Work through your plateau

Almost all people trying to lose weight plateau at some point and may plateau several times before they reach their ideal weight.
I don’t believe any one really knows why people plateau but I have a theory that when we are born our fat cells are small and as we grow and get bigger and fatter our fat cells expand. As the fat cells expand they stay tight. When we start to lose weight our fat cells shrink and become flabby. My theory is that we plateau because our body needs time to retighten the cells and it will not let us lose more weight until our fat cells have shrunk and tightened up again. Therefore we stay at the same weight for a length of time; this could be days, weeks or even months. Only when the cells are tight again does the body allow you to start losing weight again. When the cells shrink some more and get flabby again you will hit another plateau. Many people reach the plateau and lose faith that they can’t lose any more and consequently give up on their weight loss plan and lapse or re-lapse. When losing weight you have to understand that you will hit a plateau and nothing will happen for some time but you have to give your body time to tighten up the fat cells and it will start losing weight again. You can read my free ‘How To Stop Yoyo Dieting’ report by downloading it www.philcollinshypnotherapy.com

10. What is stopping you?

Over the years you’ve trained your body and mind to eat and crave the food you do, which has got you to the weight you are now. You can retrain your mind and body to eat healthily. It’s like training a dog, it takes a lot of effort, patience, kindness and perseverance. So what is stopping you? Photo: Phil’s weight loss tip of the day: Over the years you’ve trained your body and mind to eat and crave the food you do, which has got you to the weight you are now. You can retrain your mind and body to eat healthily. It’s like training a dog, it takes a lot of effort, patience, kindness and perseverance. So what is stopping you?

11. Plan ahead

Our lives are very hectic and we are rushing about just to ‘stand still’. Well that’s how it feels sometimes. Many of my clients say that they don’t have time to prepare anything before they leave the house or they say that they don’t have time to eat properly. In order to lose weight you have to change what you do, you have to plan ahead. If it means getting up a few minutes earlier to prepare something then get up earlier. You have to make time in your schedule to eat regular during the day. So plan ahead and see the weight come off.

12. Don’t try, do it

Watch my video to see why trying is an excuse for not doing. Tell me what you think. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XwF_Dnw5cVc Hand Clasp Stop – how to stop comfort eating Do you want a method to help you stop comfort eating? In this video I show you a method that I have used with many many clients to help them lose weight and …

13. Thinking about it won’t achieve it

Imagine wanting to walk from Lands End to John O’ Groats. You could spend all your life thinking about doing it but until you take that first step on that journey you will never get there. So stop just thinking about losing weight, take that ‘step’ towards your ideal weight right now and keep going even when it gets tough. It’s a long walk from Lands End to John O’ Groats. But imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goal, what a sense of achievement. Remember many many people have made that journey, so can you.

14.  Leave something on your plate

I’m sure that you or your parents have said to eat everything on your plate. I remember my parents saying that ‘you’ll get it for your breakfast if you don’t eat it now’. If you eat everything on your plate then the chances are that you will stay the weight you are or get bigger. However, if you were to leave something on your plate then you won’t get bigger and may even lose some weight. So get into the habit of leaving something on your plate every time and watch the weight come off.

15.  Eat, don’t starve

It may sound strange to say that you have to eat and not starve yourself to lose weight. However, if you starve yourself your body goes into survival mode and will store some of the food that you do eat as fat, therefore you put weight on. If you eat the right amount of good healthy food your body does not need to go into survival mode and can let go of the fat. Eat good healthy food.

16.  Slowly exercise more

As you start to lose weight you will begin to feel as if you have more energy, especially as you will be eating good healthy food, so you can slowly increase the amount of exercise that you do. I mean slowly, an extra 10 steps is more than no steps at all. You could walk to the end of the street and back and slowly increase that to there and back twice, three times, four times extra. Do not push yourself too far. (Check with your GP if you have any concerns about doing more exercise) If you can get yourself a personal trainer, they will monitor and advise you on your new regime. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve if you build up slowly.

17.  Think differently 

It can be easy to start losing weight, but after a while it gets a little harder. When you only lose a pound or you don’t lose any you begin to think that it will never happen, that you will never get all the weight off. It’s true if you think that way then the likelihood is that it will happen that way. To overcome this negative thinking start saying to yourself (and everyone around you) “it may only be a pound or I may have not lost any weight this week, but it’s better than putting weight on”. By thinking positively you will continue to be motivated to achieve your goal. As the saying goes (I think) if you are in a hole and you don’t want to be there, stop digging and do something different. So start right now and think differently about losing weight, stay positive, a pound is a pound. Two pound is like a bag of sugar, be aware of how good it is not carrying around a bag of sugar.

18.  Eat some chocolate!

If you are a chocoholic and used to eating lots of chocolate each day; which is not good for weight loss, giving up chocolate will certainly help you reach your target weight. However, chocolate can be like an addiction and you may suffer withdrawal if you give it up completely and too quickly. What I suggest to my clients who have this issue is to eat a small (one or two squares) of chocolate when they get a craving. They find that by eating a small amount it satisfies their craving but they know that eating a full bar, for instance, is not good for their weight loss. Many clients who try to fight the craving become more and more frustrated and end up eating too much chocolate and feel as if they have failed whereas the ones who recognise that if they allow themselves to eat a little bit find it a lot easier. So have some chocolate is my tip of the day, and enjoy it.

19.  Keep a food diary for a month

By keeping a food diary you will be able to see exactly how much you are eating and drinking. Many people are surprised when they keep a diary at how much they do actually consume. I ran a training course a few years ago where I got the students to keep a food diary. After a week one of the students brought his diary back and he was amazed at what he had been consuming. He thought that he only drank 2 – 3 cans of coke a day. He was drinking 10 – 12 cans a day. So without being aware he was drinking far more than he thought he was. So keep a food diary for a month and see how much you are eating and drinking and remember no one puts on weight (unless they have a serious medical condition) by not eating to excess.

20.  Change your habits

Many people eat their food in front of the TV with plates on their laps. Get out of this habit and start to eat your meals at the table.

21.  Don’t treat losing weight like a funeral 

Having been to a family funeral today for an aunty who was full of life for 78 years it made me think about how some people feel when they start dieting. They certainly don’t feel like having fun because they are going to go without food, which normally makes them happy. So the tip of the day is in two parts: Firstly do not go on a diet (see tips of the day below). Secondly if you are not dieting you can eat good healthy food which you can enjoy and have fun at the same time. Don’t treat losing weight like a funeral, live your life to the full with good nutritional food which you can enjoy.

22.  Do you need a surgical gastric band?

There is a lot of talk today in the press about the government (NHS) offering more people the chance to have a gastric band fitted to help them lose weight and decrease the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes. Yes this is good news for many however it’s not always the best solution. Read my book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hypnotic-Gastric-Band-Right-You-ebook/dp/B00DT0FPLM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405065155&sr=8-1&keywords=Hypnotic+gastric+band+is+it+right+for+you and you can find out if there is a suitable alternative for you which does not involve all the risks associated with surgery.
Hypnotic Gastric Band: Is It Right For You?
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23.  Start today
It is Saturday as I write this. How many of you would dream of starting your weight loss program today? Not many I would guess. Most people start a ‘diet’ on a Monday! To show your motivation to achieve your goal, start losing weight now, today, don’t wait until Monday. You will feel so proud of yourself when you get through the weekend having made progress to your ideal weight. If you haven’t already read my previous tips do read them as they will help you. So start losing weight today.
24.  Treat every day as if it’s the first!
You know how motivated you feel when you say that you are going to start losing weight. You know how easy it is on the first day, you don’t want to over eat or you find it easy to not eat chocolate or cake. If only you could keep this motivation up for ever. Well you can if you wake up each morning and say to your self (several times) ‘today is the start of my new way of thinking, I’m going to eat sensibly, I’m not going to starve myself and I’m going to enjoy seeing the weight come off’. Do this every day and feel that weight come off and because each new day is the start of something exciting you will find it easy to achieve your goal.
25.  DO IT
Don’t just think about eating sensibly, Do It. Don’t just think about doing more exercise, Do It.Don’t just think about not having that cream cake, Do It.Don’t just think about eating a smaller size portions, Do It.Don’t just think about getting help to achieve your goal. do It.
26.  Don’t wait until Monday!

Most people decide that Monday is a good day to start losing weight. My tip today is that you start right Now. This shows that you have commitment and you are determined to do it
27.  Keep it simple
To lose weight you don’t have to have fancy meals specially prepared, just keep it simple, eat the food you like but keep the potion size down to a sensible amount. Eat little and often when you feel hungry.Keep it simple and watch the weight come off.
28.  No main meals after 7pm
Our metabolic rate is quickest first thing in the morning (unless you are a shift worker) and slowest in the evening. So you should eat early in the day and not eat a large meal late at night. If you eat late your body does not have the time to burn up calories and therefore it turns into fat. So don’t eat a main meal after 7pm.
29.  If it’s not there you can’t eat it.
When shopping be mindful of what you buy. Before you put things into your trolley ask yourself ‘Do I really need this, will it help me to lose weight’, if your answer is no and no then don’t put it in. If it’s not there you can’t eat it.
30.  Look at your photo!
Put a photo of yourself at your largest on the fridge and as your wallpaper on your phone and computer. Every time you see yourself you will tell yourself that you never want to be that big again.
31.  Stay focused
It’s easy to lose focus when losing weight especially when the lbs aren’t coming off as you would like them to. Remember how long it took to put the weight on, it’s not going to come off over night. Keep telling yourself that you can do it no matter how hard it feels and congratulate yourself every time you lose any weight. Stay focused and watch that weight come off.
32.  Think like a gold medal winner.
To win a gold medal at any sport takes determination, motivation and a positive mind set. An Olympic athlete trains for at least four years to be able to achieve their goal. They have to put a lot of physical effort into making themselves physically fit but just as importantly they have to keep up their mental effort, not giving in to temptations, not saying that ‘they can’t do it any more’. No they maintain their motivation and determination. You can do the same with your goal of achieving your ideal weight. Be your own gold medal winner and think like a gold medalist.
33.  Do it together!
When losing weight find someone or a group of people who are losing weight at the same time. This will help you to stay focused, they can encourage and support you and you can encourage and support them. Find others and do it together.
34.  Don’t hide yourself away!
That’s easy for me to say but many overweight people do exactly that, they hide themselves away. It maybe that they are ashamed of being so over weight, they may have no self confidence, they maybe anxious about what other people think and say about them. Hiding away isn’t going to help you. Once you start losing weight get yourself out, even if it’s only for a few minutes at first. Tell yourself that as you have committed to losing the weight then you are also committed to getting out more to prove to yourself and the world around you that you can do it. As you lose more weight your confidence will increase and your anxiety will decrease. So do it, get yourself out and don’t hide away and watch that weight come off.
35.  Throw away your clothes!
As you lose weight and start to drop dress sizes throw away (or give to charity) your clothes that are now too big for you as you will never need them again, because this time you are serious about keeping that weight off.
36.  Bad days!
We all have bad days no matter who we are. Don’t let bad days ruin your life. A bad day is just that, one bad day out of seven. I spent 14 years helping people who had a drink problem. I would work with them to either reduce their drinking to within recommended limits or to stop drinking all together. Many of my clients would get to a point where they did stop drinking for a number of weeks/months and then one day they would report that they had failed because they had had a drink. I would ask them how many days did they have a drink in the last month and they would say just one. Then I would point out to them that they had not had a drink for thirty days in that month. We all tend to think of a bad day as a total failure, it’s not, it’s just one bad day. When you have a bad day accept it as such because you can then go on to have lots of good days.
37.  Diesel or Petrol?
Does your car run on diesel or petrol? Would you purposely put diesel in your petrol tank or petrol in your diesel tank? No, I bet you are saying, it’s not good for the car and can be very expensive to sort out. I want you to believe that all ‘bad food’ (food which will make you fat) is either diesel or petrol and that your body ‘runs’ on the other one. So if you wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol engine don’t put bad food in your good body. Make a list of all the foods that you consider put weight on and call these ‘bad foods’. Don’t put them in your good body. Do this and watch the weight come off.
38.  Reduce your alcohol intake
There are two reasons why I say this:1. Alcohol is made using lots of sugar, so it is like drinking sugar which is not going to help you lose weight.2. Alcohol has the effect of reducing your inhibitions. How many people would get up and karaoke without a drink first? Not many but once they have had a drink or two they will believe that they are the best singers in the world. Alcohol gives you ‘Dutch courage’. So after a few drinks you are more likely to lose the inhibition that keeps you strong and determined to lose weight and you are more likely to eat something that is ‘nice’ rather than keeping to healthy food.So reduce the amount of alcohol that you consume and watch the weight come off.
39.  Learn how to do Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on yourself.
EFT is a wonderful way of helping you overcome cravings or to get to the source of why you maybe comfort eating or why you can’t seem to keep the weight off. You could ‘Google’ it or you could have a session with me via Skype and I will teach you how to do it. I have used and taught EFT on many many of my clients and for some it has been the thing that has worked for them. So learn how to do EFT and watch the weight come off.
40.  Have a really good ‘belly’ laugh!
This is a general tip I use with lots of my clients with all different issues, it works well when you are feeling a bit low, perhaps you’ve been on the scales and not lost any weight. You will need a watch that shows you seconds. Then what you do you have a really good what I call a ‘belly’ laugh out loud for exactly 16 seconds. Once you have laughed really hard for exactly 16 seconds notice how you feel. You will feel much better than you did and this will give you a boost. At that moment when you feel really good tell yourself that you can do it, that you can lose the weight. Do this every time you feel a bit low and you will have amazing results.
41.  Stop talking and start doing!
You can talk all your life about losing weight but until you actually start doing it it will never happen. So stop talking and start doing.
42.  If you don’t give it a go you will never know!

Having helped many people lose weight using hypnosis I know that it works. However, there are many many people out there that won’t give it a go. This could be for various reasons but if you don’t give it a go you will never know whether it could work for you. Virtually everyone that comes for help with me come as a last resort; they’ve tried every diet going. They will say at the end of their weight loss program that they wished they’d come to me first.So give it a go and watch the weight come off.
43.  Don’t starve yourself!
Does this plate remind you of losing weight? On my program’s you do not starve, you learn to eat sensible healthy food, in fact many of of my clients ask how they can eat as much as they do on my program and still lose weight!The answer is that they are eating good healthy regular meals and at the same time we are working on the underlying unconscious causes that keep them over eating.So don’t starve yourself and watch the weight come off.

44.  Stop trying to please everyone!
Do you feel as if you have to please everyone all of the time? You aren’t the only one if you said yes. Many of my clients say that they feel that they are always trying to please everyone which of course they cannot do. This leads to frustration and anger which makes them turn to the one comfort that they have – eating.So stop trying to please everyone, look after yourself and watch the weight come off.
45.  Keep going, never give up

It’s easy to start losing weight but not so easy to keep losing it and even harder to keep it off once you have lost it. I think this photo says it all. If you want to lose weight you have to keep going.I can help with keeping you motivated if you need it www.philcollinshypnotherapy.com
46.  Think yourself thin

As the Buddhist saying goes ‘what you think you become’. This is certainly true. If you think you are always going to be overweight, then you will be. It is not until you think about losing weight that you will be able to do it and it’s only when you think that you can actually achieve your goal will you be able to get to that goal.So start thinking yourself thin and watch the weight come off.
 47.  A dress 2 sizes smaller
Get a dress which is 2 sizes smaller than you can get into right now and hang it on the outside of your wardrobe (a colourful dress, not black). You will see this dress every day and you will tell yourself that you WILL get into it. Do this and watch the weight come off.

48.  It’s a marathon not a sprint!
It’s easy to start losing weight but harder to keep it going. We all want things to happen ‘yesterday’. However, reality for weight loss is that it is more like a marathon than a sprint.Marathon runners know that it’s a long way, so they don’t start off as if it is a 100 metre sprint. They pace themselves and they know exactly how fast to go so that they make it to the finishing line. It’s the same with weight loss you have to pace yourself and lose only 1-2 lbs per week. If you lose more than this it is like you are sprinting and over a long period of time you just can’t keep it up. If a marathon runner tried to sprint around the 26 mile course he or she just wouldn’t make it. Pacing yourself isn’t easy, you have to keep going no matter what and again just like the marathon runner you have to never quit. So treat losing weight like a marathon and not a sprint and watch the weight come off.
 49.  Don’t bury your head in the sand:
You know as well as me that losing weight isn’t easy, especially as time goes on. You also know that to lose weight you have to stick to eating healthily and the right size potions. This can be very difficult to do but you have to do it to achieve your goal. So when it gets tough don’t bury your head in the sand, stand up and face it and stick to it, accept the fact that it’s hard work and it’s going to take time. So don’t bury your head in the sand and watch the weight come off.
  50.  Remember why you started

Whether it was to get into that dress or to slim down for a holiday or to look good on the beach or to impress that other person or to become fit and healthy or to prevent diabetes, remember why you started and keep going. Even once you have lost the weight you have to keep remembering why you did it and you have to stay in that frame of mind.So remember why you started and stay with it to watch the weight come off and stay off.
51. Take the first step now

You know you want to lose weight. You know that you want to start but you are finding it difficult to get going. Don’t think about it any more, start right now.

Look at the start line in the photo, in order for that person to get to the end of his journey he has to start. If he doesn’t put a foot forward he will never make it to the end. All he has to do is to take that first step.So take that first step right now, don’t wait for a good moment, do it right now.
52.  Stop cheating!
Yes do as it says, stop cheating. You want to lose weight don’t you? Then stop cheating and stay focused and strong. It’s all too easy to cheat but that won’t get you to your goal.So stop cheating and watch your weight come off.
53.  Oh yes you can

When losing weight gets a bit tough, as it will do, don’t say you can’t do it, tell yourself yes you can. Keep motivated and it will come off. As soon as you say I can’t then it won’t come off. Keep saying you can and it will come off.So say yes you can and watch the weight come off.
54.  Remember that you are in control

You control what you eat so eat healthy good food which will allow you to lose weight and keep it off.

Don’t allow yourself the excuse that you are not in control because you are. Make sure that you use that control to achieve your goal. 
55.  I believe in you, do you believe in yourself?

I find it amazing that many of my clients don’t believe in themselves when they first come for help. However, after a few sessions of motivational work they start to believe in themselves and guess what, they begin to lose weight.So I believe that you can do it, now you start to believe in yourself and watch the weight come off.
 56.  Remove temptation

You wouldn’t leave a plate of meat where a dog could get it, would you?

No, so don’t put temptations in your way. Don’t buy the unhealthy foods, don’t go for take aways. Think a head, if you know that you are going to be in a situation where there will be temptations, work out how you are going to deal with them.So remove temptations and see the weight come off.
57.  Dance

Dancing is a great way to exercise and lose weight.
 58.  FAILURE!

Yes failure is an option if you wish to take it. You know weight loss isn’t instantaneous, you have to do it slowly and it can be difficult to keep going but as long as you keep going you will achieve your goal.So failure is an option but is it the one you are going to take?

59.  Have faith in yourself

Yes you have tried every diet going only to put weight back on. This suggests that you don’t have faith in yourself to be able to keep going and to keep the weight off permanently.You must have faith in yourself to be able to keep going. Once you lose the faith you lose the battle to keep the weight coming off.
So have faith in yourself and watch the weight come off and stay off.

60.  Reward yourself

Each time you lose some weight reward yourself with something like a bunch of flowers. This will keep you motivated and give you something to look forward to.

So reward yourself with flowers each time you lose weight and watch the weight come off.