6 Session Weight Loss Program

Are you sick and tired of dieting? Loosing a few pounds here and there but not being able to keep it off. Is your will powere low? Do you feel as if you have no motivation after the first week of dieting?

You are not the only one to feel this way, virtually every one who goes on a diet feels like this. 

So how is my 6 sessions weight loss program any different? Firstly you will not be on a diet, you will eat what you want, you won't feel as if you are missing out on anything (that's generally the reason why people fail on diets, they feel as if they are missing out).

On my program you will learn how to think like a thin person and how to eat like a thin person. Many of my clients ask me how they can eat so much but still lose weight.

I use a combination of hypnosis, NLP, counselling and life coaching to get you to feel motivated and wonderful about yourself. I will keep you motvated with my unique daily contact service. Yes you will be reporting to me every evening during the 6 weeks on the program and I also offer you the facility of continuing with daily check ins after the program is completed. (for life if needs be).

I know that you are wanting to lose weight (if you have read this far down the page) and my motivation is to see that you do achieve your goal. To that end I would like to say that I will offer you 'tough love'. Yes some days it will be easy but other days it will be more difficult. I'm there to encourage you on the good days but I am also there to give you a 'kick up the backside' on the days when you are struggling.

Take a look at the testimonials below and then pick up the phone and book your program. You know that you reallly want to do it this time, so don't hesitate, pick up that phone now and call me 01691 839075

The cost of the 6 Sessions is only £85 per session or £470 if you pay for all six sessions in advance.

Rachel, Demelza and Lynne all did it, so now it's your time to be decisive and do what is right for you. Call Phil now on 01691 839075.

I look forward to helping achieve your goal