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This website is for you if you are looking to lose weight.

If you have an anxiety issue please see Your Anxiety Axe

Do you ever imagine what it would feel like to be slimmer?
Do you want to wear the clothes you used to wear before you piled the weight on?
Do you want to feel confident and proud about the way you look?
Do you hide your body because you are ashamed?

My clients said the above but now they feel great wearing smaller clothes, they don’t hide their bodies.

You could do the same, take a look and then book your appointment to see me.

Wishing you success


I offer two packages for weight loss, either the V.I.P Program or the Gold Program. You can check them out here
So you have looked at the photos and watched the videos.  Now you can book your sessions here for futher information fill in the form and we will get back to you.

Speak to Phil on 01691 839075 or 07870288005

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